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Thinking of a Generator for your house?

Van Wert Electric is a Generac Sales and Service dealer,meaning that we provide warranty work as well as installation and maintenance on new and previously installed units.  Knowing that your investment is installed and maintained properly provides you with the peace of mind that your home will be protected when the power goes out.

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If you own a business you might be asking yourself; Why would I need a backup generator?

A lot of businesses simply close their doors during a power outage.  That maybe fine for a small outage, but what happens when a major outage happens and your out of power for a whole day or longer?  Wouldn't you like to be able to stay open and offer your customers the required wares that they might need while their power is out?  Studies show that most businesses that stay open during major power outages actually do more sales than normal since their competitive stores are closed while the outage continues.

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Have you ever gone to work and came back home to a house without power? Or gone on vacation and came back to a refrigerator full of spoiled food or worse yet a flooded basement? With an automatic household generator those things will never happen.

Did you know that weather is the number one reason for electrical related problems?  Our climate is changing, our summers are hotter and our winters are colder than they have been in 50+ years.  Mother nature is unpredictable. Wouldn't it be nice to say that your prepared for it?  To be able to live in your home comfortably while the power is out rather then sweating or shivering while worrying about your home?

Sounds expensive right?  It doesn't have to be!  We can install some generator systems for a little more than some portable generator cost and it works even if you're not home.  That's right, automatically. No need to run out and buy gas; no need to go out in rain/snow running cords and pouring gas; no need to do anything!  Just sit back and relax knowing that your house will be protected whether you're home or not.

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